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The traffic plan of the nearby cities, studied to avoid crossing traffic?


All the cities in the neighbourhood have tried to avoid the traffic to enter their centers


Bollate has obtained the deviation of SS Varesina as to finally avoid traffic in Ospiate di Bollate.

For this reason the green area at the end of Via Vismara will be sacrified.

The new Strada Statale Varesina will pass behind the industrial area at the boundary of Arese completely bypassing Ospiate di Bollate and offering its citizens a bright new future.

According to this, the preferred directions to go to the Shopping Mall coming from Milan will be in the order: via Vismara, via Monte Resegone, viale Marietti, and - once arrived to the roundabout near to Santa Maria Rossa Esselunga - via Kennedy through viale Alfa Romeo.

People will want to go to the Shopping Mall, to Esselunga and to the potential PE4 new Shopping Mall (just few kilometers away from the other one)! If Varesina will be stuck at the Esselunga roundabout, the traffic will be eased through Arese.



Rho has designed a new road.


This new road will go from via De Gasperi (this is the road that comes from Bollate prison and goes to Rho Fiera MM, to Passante Ferroviario, to Rho-Pero fair, to tangenziale ovest entry, to Expo 2015!) and it will bring - without traffic light interruptions and through a series of fluidifying roundabouts - directly to Arese cemetery near via Gran Paradiso therefore avoiding the crossing of Mazzo di Rho and Terrazzano centers.

The traffic that will not cross Terrazzano and Mazzo any longer will enter Arese through the main door, via Gran Paradiso.

We remind that in the traffic plan approved by Commissario Pavone and confirmed by Giunta Palestra you can read:

The expected traffic will be higher than the existing one: the increase will come from the flows generated by the foreseen new structures in ex-Alfa area and from the improved circulating conditions towards Milan and Rho-Fiera MM thanks to the new link between via De Gasperi in Arese and Rho" [Transl.]

Once Via Morandi (Mazzo di Rho) traffic plan will be completed the motorway will be crossed through a bridge as to arrive on the via Gran Paradiso cemetery new roundabout. This roundabout will represent a huge crossing point for whomever coming from the nearby cities will want to go to Rho-Fiera MM and Expo 2015 and vice versa.

This will also be a preferred road to go from Rho-Fiera MM and Expo 2015 to the Shopping Mall and an interesting alternative road to avoid the motorway toll if you come from Milan tangenziale ovest.


Passirana traffic plan will avoid crossing traffic, too. All the traffic coming from Strada Statale del Sempione going to the Shopping Mall (or the motorway entry towards Como and Milan) will not cross the center of Passirana


Garbagnate Milanese has foreseen a new road coming from Bricoman (Varesina) to go the the Shopping Mall outside Garbagnate, thus avoiding crossing its center.


Arese traffic plan foresees an incoming route through its core center: this is what Commissario Pavone foresaw and signed and Giunta Palestra has recently approved.

apart from the standard traffic due to the existing situation, the structure - and in particular the axis Moro, Nuvolari, Sempione, Gran Paradiso, Monte Resegone - will have to absorb the new traffic flow generated by the activities that will develop in ex-Alfa area” [Transl.]

These interventions are even more needed in the global vision since the failed achievement of “tangenzialina di Terrazzano” means that the axis Moro, Nuvolari, Gran Paradiso, etc will have to carry out the role of this failed tangenzialina and absorb its expected traffic” [Transl.]

The expected traffic shares will be much higher than the existing situation, either due to increase of generated and attracted flows by the ex-Alfa area, or for the improvement of the circulating conditions towards Milan and, in particular, the train station and Rho-Fiera MM station thanks to the new link between via De Gasperi in Arese and Rho” [Transl.]



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