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The new motorway exit


According the AdP (project agreement), in a few months Arese will see a giant Shopping Mall in the ex-Alfa area. The road plan is already presented in this document. You can see it in the figure hereunder.


There will be an access through via Luraghi and a new road and roundabout in Lainate that avoids Garbagnate Milanese crossing.

Another road will exit the roundabout and get directly to a new motorway exit (the actual Arese exit will be suppressed).

The motorway toll will be around 2 Eur. Coming from Milan you will have Terrazzano toll exit and coming from Varese and Como you will have the new Lainate toll exit, to and fro.

Let's think: how many visitors will want to pay 4 Eur or more to go the Shopping Mall? How many of them will believe easier and cheaper to go via tangenziale ovest in Mazzo (last exit before toll) and via De Gasperi in Rho to cross Arese? How many of them will ask their GPS to find the fastest no-toll road?




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