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The Shopping Center



This is the plan of the new shopping mall that will be built in Arese in occasion of Expo 2015.

This multifunctional center project will develop on a surface of 298,000 square meters (about 3.2 million square feet). This is about 68% of the surface of Vatican City.

The project foresees and planar linear surface (SLP) for the Shopping Mall sales activity of 77,000 square meters and a surface for tertiary and services of 15,000 square meters. There are also 22,000 square meters intended for other activities (reception, connection, etc.).


The central building (Edificio 1) will host all sales, service or handcraft activities.


Those activities will develop on two levels. The first level will be directly in front of the parking lot (lower part on the map).


On the first ground floor, one can arrive from four different entries on the front but there is a plan to get inside also via other communicating building units or directly from the outside of the building.


This is the case of the hypermarket (on the upper right) that will have entries towards the front parking lot.


The comparison is with Milan Portello Shopping Mall and one Outlet (like Serravalle or Vicolungo): a sort of shopping Citadel. There will be open air paths, events zones, internal corridors and all that is needed to transform this area in a shopping and entertainment magnet just few kilometers outside Milan. 


According to experts, this will be the biggest Shopping Mall in Italy. According to others, it will be the second or third one.


Just a comparison: Orio Center Shopping Mall outside Bergamo occupies a 74,000 square meters surface. Serravalle Outlet is built on 45,000 square meters.


Edificio 2: in the second building there are two small kiosks in the nearby of the front entry to guarantee functional discontinuity compared to the huge front of the building.


Edificio 3: in the thirs building there will be space for a fast-food franchise and it will develop on two floors with a small frontal area for children.


Edificio 4: the fourth building will be intended for logistic activities


Edificio 5: this fitfth building should be a gas station


If you have seen the previous project (approved while the city was managed by Commissario Pavone), you won't see the two parking towers any longer: the parking lot will be external and underground.


The number of foreseen parkings are 5.286 (but the numbers make us believe they will need much more).


Let's also add that after this project, the whole ex-Alfa area will develop on residential and productive areas that will produce an even higher traffic to and fro.


According to those who have approved the traffic plan intervention that has been firstly approved by Commissario Pavone, this structure will NOT bring a meaningful traffic increase in Arese.


The foreseen traffic data due to the Shopping Mall alone are of 21.657 cars on Friday and 25.687 cars on Saturday. We are not considering heavy transport of goods to the Shopping Mall!











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