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In the road plan approved by Commissario Pavone on January 29th 2013 and afterwards confirmed by Sindaco Palestra on September 9th 2013 you can read that the in-famous "Tangenzialina di Arese" would mean an "external variation, west of Arese city, that could reduce the crossing traffic".

Due to the failed approval of this road, according to the plan, it is mandatory to find new alternative solutions "as to rationalize traffic flows that will surely increase in comparison to the actual situation and that will be due to the inducted traffic attracted by the future expansion [on ex-Alfa area]"

How do they solve this issue?

According to the technicians, Arese road are nowadays characterized by "an excessive frequency at the intersections, narrowing of the road and failed traffic simplification that are inducing congestion traffic and excessive speed. The example is Monte Resegone - Sempione axis.".

The objective that technicians, Commissario and Sindaco have is to give life to: "a traffic regimen without flow interruptions ". Therefore: they want to erase all the intersections and create only roundabouts on a fluid traffic road (with 50 km/h speed limit and one zone at 30 km/h) that will cross Arese to get from the Varesina to the ex-Alfa area.

The consideration is that, "apart from the existing traffic volume, this road plan will have to take care also of the new traffic due to the future ex-Alfa Shopping Mall. "

Always according to the approved and confirmed traffic plan: "Those interventions are even more needed in the complete picture since there won't be any "tangenzialina di Terrazzano" to absorb this flow. The role of the new axis will be to absorb it all."; this traffic will therefore cross Arese in its heart and we have called it "Diametralina", a line that crosses a circle just like its diameter does.

We already know that actual PM10 values are already out of European given limits: we therefore expect life quality in Arese to slope down and Arese future to be extremely dark.

What will it happen when people will see a huge traffic in front of their houses with this new traffic plan? What will our Arese become?

Much more, as if it wasn't enough:

"Expected traffic value will be much higher than the existing ones not only due to the new ex-Alfa area Shopping Mall and future evolution but also due to new roads that will connect to Milan, to Pero train station and to Pero MM."

In the document, indeed, we will find a "new link between viale de Gasperi and via Arese, Rho boundary".

What can we say? Arese will not maybe see the in-famous and discussed: it will see something much worse. A real traffic magnet in the middle of its heart.


Download the new traffic planning approved by Commissario Pavone

Download the approval voted by Giunta Palestra that confirms Commissario Pavone traffic plan

Download the foreseen traffic data due to the new Shopping Mall


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